Thursday, August 25, 2011

Toasted Millet and Fruit Bread

I made a couple of slight changes to this recipe.  White whole wheat was used.  The optional nuts weren't added to the dough; they were rolled into the dough.

I used the letterfold technique, and it gave me nice long loaves.  I made a half batch of the recipe, enough for 2 pounds of dough.  In the center of one, I put almonds.  Walnuts were put in the center of the other loaf, which was going to be a thank you gift for a friend.

I put the corresponding nut on top of each loaf, so I could tell them apart:

My baking stone was used.  It's been in my warming tray for storage too long!  I baked it a bit differently, though, to save my tempermental oven.  The bread steams and forms a crust the first half of baking only.  Therefore, the loaves were baked at the higher temperature.  Halfway through, I changed to 325 degrees convection.  The convection baking moved the hot air around, while giving my oven a break.  The results were wonderful!:

I decided, however, to freeze our loaf for a week.  It was great after being frozen and reheated.  The loaf had a nice texture, but it wasn't crunchy from the millet.  Maybe the freezing softened the millet.  It was a really good bread.  By the time I realized that I hadn't taken a picture of the loaf's inside, this is all that was left:

Our friend loved her bread!  She said she ate half the loaf the first day, it was so wonderful.  She emailed my hubby that "your wife is awesome!"  Wow, what a wonderful complement!

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you will leave a comment.  I look forward to what you will bake!


  1. We all know that your husband's wife was awesome. I think the last picture--just a bit left-- says it all. Great job, as usual.

  2. Great looking loaves. Isn't bread always the perfect gift, to give and receive?!

    And of course Guff is right, we all know that your husband's wife is the bomb!

  3. Guff and Elwood, you guys are making me blush!

    Yes, I think a fresh loaf of bread is a great gift!!!

    Thanks for your flattering comments.