Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bran Muffin Bread

This week's assignment is Bran Muffin Bread.  I've been looking for a somewhat sweet bread to replace Anadama bread for my farmer's market menu.  Anadama bread is a hearty bread, probably enjoyed in the cooler months.  When it got hot, Anadama bread sales plummeted, and lighter breads began selling more.  I was considering a raisin bread, and this seemed to fit the bill.

A half recipe was made.  There wasn't enough maple syrup, so half maple syrup and half molasses was used.

Before rising

An oiled, 7" glass bowl was used as a couche.  The dough roller was used to make rectangles of the dough, which were folded in a letterfold fashion for the mini loaves.

Here are my breads, rising in the "warm" sunroom.

The round loaf was baked on my Silpat.  I placed my Silpat on top of the glass bowl, after rising,  The bowl was then flipped over to put the dough onto the Silpat. 

I like the idea of baking at 350 degrees, with steam.  My meter shows that higher temperatures really use a lot more energy.

The finished loaves.  This is a really good "breakfast bread."  I might use a larger bowl as a couche, for the round loaf.  You can't really tell that the round loaf is 5 ounces heavier!

This bread was sampled at the Farmer's Market yesterday, and people really liked it.  It's like a good raisin- cinnamon bread.  One small loaf was used for samples, the other two loaves sold.  I'm thinking of making a few muffins for use as samples, to save on dough.  The breads sold before half the loaf was sampled!

I'm going to make some changes in the recipe, since maple syrup can be really expensive.  I plan to experiment with combinations of honey, maple syrup, water and molasses.

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  1. Beautiful! Keep us posted on your experiments with the sweeteners.