Friday, March 26, 2010

Milk-Free Ice Cream

Like many people, I have collected tons of recipes over the years. Most of them are filed in notebooks, under their categories. Most of them are ignored, sadly. The notebooks are taking up too much room, along with my cookbooks! My hubby wanted me to throw them out. However, I told my hubby that I would give myself a year to go through as many recipes as possible to cull out what I wanted to save. That year is coming up quickly, at the end of May!

Today, I wanted a non milk recipe for a satisfying cold dessert. I'll be having dinner with a bunch of people, and wanted something different and special. I ran across this recipe for "Non Dairy Ice Cream." I don't even know where I got the recipe, I wrote it down years ago!
Here’s the recipe:;
--20oz. of frozen strawberries. You can take fresh, hull them, and partially freeze them if you want. They need to be partially defrosted anyways.
--1 cup sugar
--2 Egg whites 
--2 bananas

Partially thaw strawberries. Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl. I mashed it up with a masher, that's my addition to the recipe. Then beat on high until frothy. Freeze overnight to set. Here's a picture of the frozen dessert; I did it in 2 batches, to avoid splashing:

The key is that you need to have freezer space for the large bowl (or two). We had this the other day when I made a "test run." It was delicious, tasted like frothy strawberry dessert. My hubby gave it a "9", only because it didn't taste like milk.

I suppose you could also make this in a graham cracker crust, as a frozen pie!


  1. Judy, thanks so much for the non-milk ice cream
    recipe. My son has a milk allergy and I, being
    mom, hate to eat ice cream when he is around.
    Then strawberry season is just around the corner
    too. Perfect timing! Good Luck culling out all
    your recipes & books. Take Care.

  2. Hi Mary J!

    Thanks so much for your nice comment. I hope you will get back to me with feedback. Did your son like the dessert? We have been enjoying it.

    If you want, I'll experiment with chocolate flavor.

    Thanks again,