Friday, March 26, 2010

The Plexiglass solution!

I was all excited when we first looked at this house and saw the newly remodeled kitchen.  And granite tile!

What I didn't understand is that granite tile is different than one whole piece of granite.  As soon as I began baking, the flour got onto the granite tile.  Mostly, it got into the grout.  If it got wet, it turned the brown grout white.  After paying over $500 to have a professional company clean up the grout and seal it, I decided to change things.  I had used a baking sheet, but I guess it wasn't large enough.  I added sheets under the baking sheet sometimes.  Things slipped.  I added cutting boards and silicone baking sheets.  around the baking sheet, but flour got through the cracks where they met.   I tried really hard to keep any flour from getting onto the tile and getting wet--then I would brush the dry flour away with a whisk broom.  That worked, but I was nervous the flour would get wet.

Finally, I decided to see if I could make myself a large "cover" for my kitchen island out of plexiglass.  Then I could put my baking sheet on top of that!  I have used plexiglass before for temporary holiday baking, and it kept my counters neat.  This sounded like a good plan.  I shared it with some of my baking buddies, and got some ideas on how to keep the plexiglass in place.

I checked out Lowes and Ace Hardware ( I had purchased plexiglass from them before).  All of the pieces were no longer than 48".  My island counter is 51".  Ace suggested that I try the local glass company.  The local glass company could cut me the right size, but it was $60!  I decided to go back to Ace Hardware.  Those smiling guys cut the piece cut to size and I had an extra piece to boot, all for under $40! 

Here's a picture of it on my counter.  It's 3" short, but that's ok.  And I don't have to worry about how to round the corners.  It's covered with a film of plastic right now.  If I want, I could remove the plastic and just use the plexiglass as a wonderfully large baking sheet!

I've just begun using this piece, and I just LOVE it!  Maybe this solution can help you?

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