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Recipes made from Soft Whole Wheat Sandwhich Dough

The baking assignment for this group was to make 3 recipes with the Soft Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf dough. This is an enriched dough, which means it includes ingredients like eggs and honey. I used half white whole wheat for the whole wheat portion of the recipe. This was a WONDERFUL dough, it felt so silky!

If you want to be part of this group, sign up at . Michelle leads up this wonderful group of bakers. We bake twice a month, baking through the recipes of "Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day."

Soft Hot Dog Buns

First, I made hot dog buns. I rolled the small pieces of dough into logs. I like rolling challah strands, so I rolled them that way.

My husband was excited about having fresh hot dog buns for the giant kosher hot dogs he bought at Sam's Club that day. He wanted to make sure the buns were long enough so he brought a hot dog to me so I could make the buns the right length!

I put egg wash on top and then sesame seeds.

They were delicious!

Soft Whole Wheat Garlic Bread

My yoga teacher, Dixie, is undergoing cancer treatments. She always eats healthy, and I like the idea that healthy bread I make contributes to her recovery. I had made a bread with garlic cloves on top for her, and she liked that. Garlic is said to promote good immunity. Plus, I add the extra ingredient of love and thoughts of good health for Dixie when I make bread for her.

I thought I would use this dough to make a whole grain loaf, with garlic. I used one pound of dough. Although I ended up using a whole head of garlic, the mellowness of the honey and eggs of the dough hid any sharpness of the garlic. I made a mini (1/2 pound size) loaf for ourselves, and we just loved it.

First, I smashed the garlic cloves with a cookie spatula I had just purchased. A knife seemed hard to handle, and this worked perfectly. Smashing the garlic helped me to peel the garlic easily.

Then, I chopped the garlic with my bench knife. This was really faster than using my knife, too. It brought back old childhood memories of my mom chopping fish with her chopper! I still have that old chopper somewhere, I should dig it out! It's the "original food processor" of our family.

Here, I've rolled out the dough and put the chopped garlic on top.

Then, I rolled the loaf and put it in a loaf pan--seam side down.

I had some egg wash, left over from the hot dog buns. Why not put a golden color on the garlic loaf? I'm glad I did, because it just made the loaf look so tasty! The crust was delicious, too.

Here's a picture of the one pound loaf and the 1/2 pound mini loaf:

I saw Dixie at our next class. She LOVED the bread. She said the garlic wasn't too strong; very mellow, actually. "The bread is delicious, nutritious, and great with winter soups or stews," Dixie said.

This one is a keeper! I made a similar bread for Dixie to try with the master dough. I rolled that one out and sprinkled it with garlic and olive oil. She will pick her favorite one, and I'll name that bread after her!

Some else in the class said that Dixie gave them a garlic clove to try, that was baked in the bread. They absolutely loved the clove, with all the flavors baked in. I plan to try baking a loaf with freshly ground flour for our class. This is a small, wonderful class. They love healthy eating, most people around here prefer sweet or fried foods. So it's fun to share and get their opinion!

Whole Wheat Apple Strudel Bread

I hadn't wanted to try making this bread. I made a similar bread with challah dough. Peeling the apples and rolling out the dough just feels like a lot of work! People ask me to make it, but it's a lot of work. Here's a picture of that bread:

This recipe is rolled into a log and placed into a tube pan. The apples keep pouring out, and it's messy. The recipe I made this time was easier to manage, and fit into a loaf pan.

I decided to make the Apple Strudel Bread when I realized there was an Arbor Day holiday coming up. What a wonderful recipe to commemorate the day--it has apples and walnuts. Both come from trees!

I rolled out the dough, and put the diced apple, raisins, walnuts, cinnamon and sugar on top. I only had one apple, so I used that. I had my doubts that not peeling the apple would work, but I was willing to try it.

There was just enough filling. I think that next time, I will use 2 apples and cut the amount of raisins and walnuts slightly. I wish I had prepared a larger loaf pan. I was concerned that the bread would spill over to the oven; it didn't. :)

I baked the loaves until they reached over 180degrees. I felt the bread when it was firm, but the interior measured only 130 degrees. Since it only baked about half the time that the recipe called for, I decided to bake the recipe longer. I had heard comments that this recipe had a lot of wet spots and liquid. However, since the top was already brown, I covered the loaf with foil to keep it from getting too dark.

I am glad that I baked this until the temperature seemed right, it was just perfect. No wet spots, no runny apple!

My hubby gave it a "10," which we give to fabulous recipes. He said, "This is bread? It tastes like cake!" He said it reminded him of my mom's apple strudel. Here's a picture of my first attempt at making my mom's strudel:

Mom made it without a recipe, using her own cookie dough recipe. She learned this recipe from a neighbor, Tillie Miller. Tillie used 1/2 inch of oil to bake the strudel, but my mom had to change that when her cholesterol went up! My sis and I stood by mom with measuring cups 2 separate times, both of us have different recipes. And my mom's recipe changed as she had to give up certain foods. Everyone loved mom's strudel. This is probably the 1970 version of mom's strudel recipe; in the end, it became a raisin pie. Mom's arthritus kept her from doing individual pieces. I haven't been able to duplicate any of mom's strudel recipes--yet!

Here's a picture of the interior of the apple strudel bread. We ate it first on Friday night. This is all that is left by Saturday evening! It was really good!

I'm glad to learn that the unpeeled apples worked ok. I'll try using unpeeled apples in my original recipe, also!

If you would like to see the other recipes made by other people in this group, just click on this link:

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  1. I never thought to use my bench knife to chop garlic before! Thanks for the tip!

    And your hot dog buns look so the sesame seeds on top!

    The apple bread baked up so nice in the bundt pan and glad that you could use it for a holiday treat!

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    I'll be posting my experiment with bagels in the toaster oven soon. And I am looking forward to trying freshly milled flour!

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    I made another loaf of garlic bread, this time with HB5 master dough. I rolled it out and sprinkled garlic and olive oil on it. Then rolled it back up and put it in a loaf pan. My teacher prefers non-crusty bread, so no steam. She said this bread was fabulous, too! I may be on to something....

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