Friday, February 12, 2010

Dixie's Special Garlic Bread

My yoga teacher, Dixie, tried a second garlic bread.  The first one was made with the HB5 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Dough. The second dough was the Master Whole Wheat Dough from HB5.

I made a change--I used half whole wheat and half white whole wheat, rather than all the whole wheat.  I just seems to make a lighter bread.

I rolled out the dough, and sprinkled chopped garlic on it--a whole head of garlic! I then drizzled olive oil on the dough, rolled it up, and baked it as a loaf in a pan.

Dixie said this was the best!!! She loved having it with tomato soup on a cold day!

This one is a keeper, and will be nicknamed "Dixie's Special Garlic Bread!" I love how restaurants name sandwiches after people. I want to do the same with my breads. Dixie is a wonderful yoga teacher, and I love sharing my baking creativity with the class.  They encouraged me to try healthier bread baking.  They are great taste testers.

March 1, 2010
I was so happy when the appliance repair guys came back with my new oven element part! I was very anxious to bake again.

Come to think of it, that's probably why I wore out the first oven element--all the baking! Baking is for my peace of mind.... :)     I got on a baking binge of cookies, almond challah and other goodies. For this braid, I decided to revisit Dixie's Special Garlic Bread.

It was really funny last week at yoga class. I walked in to yoga with a bag of yoga things. People saw the bag and thought there was fresh bread in it. Suddenly, they were coming toward me saying "oh, she has bread!" They were so disappointed when I told them my oven had been broken. So, tomorrow, I am bringing this for sure!
Last time, I chopped the garlic with my bench knife. It worked well, but the garlic smell was tough to remove from my bench knife.
This time, I decided to chop the garlic in my mini food processor.  I wanted to see if that was faster.  I think that chopping 2 heads of garlic is just as fast by hand--less to wash.

I'll just have to find my mom's hand chopper!  It will work well with garlic, and will bring back good memories of my mom.

I rolled out just over a pound of dough into a rectangle. Then I drizzed olive oil on it and spread an ounce/one head of chopped garlic all over. It blended really well with the olive oil.
This is really similar to making a cinnamon loaf.

I did the same with a second rectangle.

I rolled the rectangles up into logs and placed them in a loaf pan to rise. 

Actually, I think it would be possible for someone to make great garlic rolls this way! Just slice the logs into one inch pieces and set them on their sides. YUM!

Here are the breads, ready to rise. I put them in the microwave to rise for an hour.

Then I'll put them into the fridge overnight to continue rising. That way, I can bake them fresh for yoga class tomorrow!

I baked the loaves for 30 minutes, in a 350 degree oven.  I added ice cubes and water to a heated broiler pan, to help gain oven spring.  

I removed the loaves immediately, and brushed the tops with olive oil to keep the tops soft.  Dixie prefers soft crusts.  Here are the loaves, after they were removed from the oven:

Here's a picture of Dixie, my wonderful yoga teacher, with the loaf I named after her:

If you look carefully at the bread, you can see the swirl of garlic throughout the bread.  We ate much of this loaf after class, and I ate more of the remainder with lentil soup later.  Dixie's Special Garlic Bread is delicious!

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  1. Oh, sounds good. I wanted to see a pic!

  2. So kind of you to share your bread with so many others! I want to try your garlic bread and I'm got some dough rising as I type. Can't wait try it.

    For the past several years I've bought my garlic from a Garlic Farm in WI and it is by far the best garlic I've never had in my life! Last year I had time to drive to WI to pick up my order and I had a great time touring the small farm and talking shop. Yep, I love garlic that much!

  3. Judy, This bread looks wonderful. I love garlic!

  4. Your garlic bread sounds delicious! I love garlic too!

  5. your garlic bread sounds amazing. I just love garlic!

  6. this sounds so good and looks great too.

  7. Swirls of garlic?!?!? Count me in. Looks fantastic.

  8. My husband is so funny about garlic. Some things with garlic he will just eat loads of and other stuff he moans if there is the tiniest hint of it. I love it myself, but he makes me gunshy of using it when I cook something and have to eat it all myself and listen to him complain about me smelling like garlic! Your bread looks yummy!

  9. Hi Jenny,

    Garlic has a lot of immunity-building properties, so you are probably really healthy!

    Either that, or people with colds/flu smell the garlic on garlic eaters, and don't come close!


    Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments.

    This group really inspires my creativity. And I am lucky to have a yoga class that likes to taste test!

  10. Looks yummy!!! I love garlic........