Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am taking part in the "Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day" Bread Braid. People, from all around the world, go through the recipes of this wonderful book together. I baked two preview recipes back in November and December--Pumpkin Brioche and Whole Grain Challah with Cranberries and Orange Zest.

I will start reporting on the "official" recipes as we go through the book, along with my creative inspirations. We will probably be baking together for a couple of years; there are 100 recipes. We will make 2 doughs per month. Hope you will return mid month and at the end of the month to see what I have done.


  1. Great job on your blog!!! Wonderful flour compare and test results.......thanks Nancy

  2. Thanks so much, Nancy! And thanks for being one of my first followers! It was so exciting to see you there!

  3. oh wow you did great love the pita bread can't wait to make that one lol Rebecca