Thursday, July 3, 2014

Angel Food Cake Test

Our Avid Bakers Group baked Strawberry-Filled Angel Food Cake for this month's challenge.

The recipe is found on the King Arthur Flour site, King Arthur Flour's Strawberry Filled Angelfood Cake .

I decided that I didn't want to separate twelve (!) eggs and eat that much cake.  It sounded like a good time to go into test kitchen mode.  I had wanted to experiment with making layer cakes from a batter such as this one.


The funny thing is that I forgot to write out the half batch recipe.  I figured I would remember that I was doing a half batch.  Did I remember? Noooooo!  So I have all the dry ingredients in a ziplock labeled for baking a whole angelfood cake.  Just need to get 12 egg whites together.

With fresh refrigerator jam, chocolate pudding, and whippped cream 

I wanted to do a half batch, and test it in a cake pan

I decided to use my heating core in this direction; the heating core will mimic the angelfood cake pan

Egg whites are almost whipped

How the batter looks in the pan;
A half recipe is just enough!

What will I do with 6 yolks?
When I turned the cake over, the middle core fell out.  Good.

Fully baked.  Except that I forgot that I need to grease the bottom of this kind of pan
You can remove the cake from an angelfood cake pan and slide a knife under!
Doodling with cupcakes while it cooled, LOL

Problems getting the cake out
Next time, I grease the bottom of the pan, put parchment paper on top, then grease and flour the parchment.
I learned my lesson!

It doesn't look so bad upside down!
It was really tasty!

If you want to know more about the monthly Avid Baker's Challenge, click on this link:  Avid Baker's Challenge


  1. It was a tasty cake wasn't it. What a great idea to use the heating core to create a smaller angel food cake pan. (And I love your little cupcake!)

  2. Cute cupcakes indeed! As I told you before, I love your experiment with the round cake pan. The jam and pudding sound like wonderful accompaniments :)

  3. What a good idea of putting it in a cake pan to do a half batch. I ended up using my egg yolks to make a homemade ice cream and pudding. It was worth it!

  4. Great that your experiment was a success. Would you believe I made 1/4th of the recipe��

    1. Great idea!!! What pan did you use to bake it? If I made a recipe that size, I'd make it more often.