Monday, September 5, 2011

Brown Rice and Prune Bread

Many thanks to Guff of Old Pops Blog and Elwood at Flour Today Bread Tomorrow who gave me the courage to try this recipe.  Prunes? Dried Plums???  In a bread?

I took a tip from Guff, and floured the prunes before chopping them in my mini chopper.  Still, some of the prunes became a paste.
The dough, after being mixed, looked like this:

After rising in the pan
 Pumpkin seeds were added to one loaf.  They were leftover from a previous recipe....

And the taste?  I thought the bread started off when I first bit into it.  Just before I began to swallow, I detected a bitter aftertaste.

My husband enjoys this bread, especially with cheese.

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  1. I thought this bread was a little bitter too, but like your husband I think that pairs well with a good cheese. I love pumpkin seeds and they look great on your beautiful bread.

  2. Thanks for the props. Nothing ventured.... And your loaves look terrific.

    I used quite a bit of flour when processing the dried plums, which I took from the amount I had measured out for the recipe so it would not affect the Baker's Percentage". I also used my big food processor, which gave them more room to run around in.

  3. Thanks, guys. good to know I was on the right track.

  4. Looks great! I must say you were braver than me. I haven't tried this one yet.

  5. Thanks, Cathy. I might put this on the back burner of recipes to try...

    It has a bitter aftertaste, maybe you could overcome that.