Thursday, June 16, 2011

Honey Graham Bread

For this baking group assignment, I decided to make half a batch.  Then, I made smaller size breads, rather than a two pound loaf.  That way, I can freeze them and only take out a bit of bread at a time for toast.

Honey Graham Breads, Before Rising

Honey graham crackers are a favorite snack of mine, so I was looking forward to making this bread.  It's a good thing, though, that I took the picture above.  I was also making anadama bread for the Farmers Market.  I thought I kept track of which mini loaf was which, but they got mixed up in the overnight refrigeration.

Anadama Bread?  Graham Bread?

It took me awhile to figure out which was the honey graham bread and which was the Anadama bread, but I did it. Can you tell?  I was able to compare my Anadama breads (the two at the right forefront) to a muffaletta style bread loaf from the same dough.  The Anadama breads have cornmeal in them, so they have a more "coarse, rustic finish" on top.  The honey graham breads had a slight cinnamon flavor.

Muffaletta style Anadama Bread in back
The honey graham bread tasted good, but I might modify the recipe to make it sweeter next time.  It is a nice whole wheat bread to share with friends, when I make this size.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you will leave a comment. Stop by again soon, I'll be baking again!


  1. I absolutely love anadama bread! I haven't made the honey graham bread. I'll keep your comment about making it sweeter in mind for when I do. :)

  2. Kind of like a shell game--but with dough. Your loaves look good, whichever kind they are. I added extra cinnamon, and sprinkled some cinnamon sugar on top before baking my Honey Graham, which punched up the flavor a bit.
    It sounds like you let them rise in the pans overnight. do you do that after the initial rise? Do you store it first or put it in the pans right after it has risen? Do you let it rise out of the fridge before baking? If so, how long? Do you feel you get as good a rise? Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. Mmmm...I'm looking forward to making this bread. That's funny that you got the breads mixed up. I've done that

  4. Thanks, Cathy. I'm really glad I was able to figure out which was which!

  5. Hi Guff,
    I've been letting my loaves raise partway on the counter before putting them in the fridge overnight. Then I put them on a towel (to absorb the cold from the fridge) or on a cooling rack (to put warmer air all around the pan) to help the pans get to room temperature quicker the next day. That takes about an hour, and I have the oven turned on toward the end of that time.

    I'm finding that putting the loaves on a baking sheet also helps transport the loaf pans better.

    I think the rise is good, but I think you once made a comment that having some rise before putting the loaves in the fridge works best. I agree. I don't get much rise in the fridge.