Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Msemmen--Algerian Flatbread

Msemmen--Algerian Flatbread
For the 16th HBin5 Bread Braid

I had 1/4 pound of master dough from "Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" in my fridge.  It was the last day to use the dough, too.  Also, the dough kept saying "bake me!" every time I opened the fridge for the last few days.

What did the dough want to be? What can you make with 1/4 pound of HB5 master dough?  Aha, Msemmen--Algerian Flatbread.  I know we aren't baking this yet for our group assignment this week, but I'll make the assigned bread for the upcoming braid later.

The spice-oil mixture was easy to make.  The mixture includes olive oil, cumin, and turmeric.  However, I thought the recipe made a lot more mixture than I needed for the one flatbread.  It was quite oily, too.  The oil went all over my baking sheet. 

The dough was rolled out.  The spice oil mixture was brushed onto it.  Then it was rolled it into a log, and curled it into a spiral.  Here's the dough, resting after all that "work." 

Twenty minutes later, the spiral was rolled flat.  It's now ready for my cast iron flat skillet.  After cooking the first side, I flipped the flatbread over.

The book says to cover the skillet to trap any steam and heat.  I didn't have a lid for my new flat skillet, so I used double thickness of foil.

Uh oh!  Is that smoke?  Those of you who follow my blog had a good laugh with me about the smoke from the sticky buns.  They set off the smoke detector.  The alarm company called, and they almost called the fire dept!  

I should have called them to warn them this time.  The smoke detector alarm went off--I thought I could get away with it....  At least I know the alarm company is paying attention.

Here's a picture of the final flatbread.:

It was good, but I'd probably make this on the outdoor grill next time.  The smoke detectors won't go off (but a neighbor might come over to see all the smoke!)

Handwise tips:  If you have hand pain, tendonitis, or arthritis or any other pain issues and want to enjoy this bread,

Honestly,  I think a lot of work goes into this recipe.  I might not make it again.  Or, I might make the spice-oil mixture and use it as a dip for pita bread or crusty breads.

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The HBinFive Baking Group, started by Michelle of Big Black Dogs, is baking through all of the breads in the Healthy Bread in Five Minutes book. To see what my baking buddies have done this time, check out HBin5 16th Bread Braid

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  1. Great idea to grill it outside and safer too! LOL!

  2. yum! that spice oil sounds really really good. (i'll take your advice and grill it :) )

  3. So your dough speaks to you as well. Looks delicious.

  4. Yeah, Cathy, my food talks to me. It sometimes gets pretty noisy in the kitchen!!! :)

    Thanks, Danielle and Michelle. Let me know how the grilling works out.

  5. My oven smokes on opening the door just from the heat, I have got to the point of ignoring it but if I have granddies in the house they fan it with a magazine for me :)

  6. My hubby was angry that I didn't open the doors and windows. But it was 100 degrees outside and the air conditioner was just blasting!

    Send your grandkids over to my place! :)

  7. You always have such great posts. The bread looked really good.

  8. I wondered why the bread sounded familiar...then remembered there is a great recipe for Spiced beef in flatbread in the May 2010 issue of Saveur magazine. I've made it several times but didn't realize that we had a better bread recipe in the HBin5 book! Woohoo! Can't wait to make the recipe again now! Check out the recipe on page 86 of the magazine, or check it out online. It's called Khima Chapati. I think all will love it like we do.

    Great job Judy!

  9. I thought the smoke detector was how you know what you are cooking is done.