Thursday, October 13, 2011

Raisin Challah

I did 2 batches of raisin challah dough. I made turban breads, and turned some of the twists into pastry:

First, I made a long "snake" with a "head" at the end.  Holding the snake in my left hand, I wrapped the snake around the head to make a turban.
I bought this Wilton extra large spatula to help me move my breads easier, but found my hands worked better.

Before rising, and on the Silpat:

After rising

Another method of making the turban.  First, make a braid.

Then, wrap the braid into a round loaf.

 Doesn't that braided loaf bake up beautifully?

With the rest of the raisin challah dough, I made "breakfast pastry."  I put almond icing on top, and almonds.  Really yummy, we ate one.  Some have been given as gifts, and I still have some in case we need a gift.  Good thing they are in the outside freezer, or they would be tough to resist.

Well, I've been really busy with the baking, but slow to blog.  Thanks for everyone's help and encouragement!



  1. SHOWOFF! Just because YOU can make turbans, and even BRAIDED ones you do not need to rub it in to those of me who are turbanically challenged. They do look gorgeous. And I too am glad that the breakfast pastry is in YOUR outside freezer.

  2. Guff, you make me LAUGH!!! I love your post, especially the picture of the turban! :)

  3. I agree with Guff. What a showoff! :) Beautiful breads as usual.