Friday, May 21, 2010

Whole Grain Garlic Knots

One of the assignments for our Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day baking group is to make garlic knots.  The recipe is found on page 87 of the book.

I had heard a comment from another member that the parsley had burned while baking, so decided not to use that.  Also, I decided to use all white whole wheat.  Also, I didn't have the special cheese.  Therefore, I omitted it.

I sauteed the garlic in olive oil and let it cool while I shaped the knots and let them rise.  Next time, I think I will make a pretzel shape.  Then, I poured the garlic-infused olive oil onto the knots.  I tried to include some of the garlic.

I baked it for 30 minutes, while I went to do some things on the computer.  When time was up, I saw that the garlic had burned.  Darn!  Well, I hope it won't hurt the flavor.

It was wonderful to have the smell of garlic in the kitchen!  We thought the garlic knots were really tasty.  They make a great snack!

About the HBinFive Baking Group

The HBinFive Baking Group, started by Michelle of Big Black Dogs, is baking through all of the breads in the Healthy Bread in Five Minutes book. For more information on the HBinFive baking group, check out BigBlackDog.


  1. Your garlic knots look quite nice. I didn't use the cheese either and strained the parsley out. I think it might have a beena better idea to incorporate the garlic infused il than pour it over, perhaps.

  2. Thanks so much, guys! I think these knots have potential!!! I like Aparna's idea of incorporating the sauteed garlic into the dough somehow.

  3. Wow! Your garlic knots look beautiful! Thanks for the tips. I haven't gotten to this one yet.

  4. I missed this assignment. Your knots look really beautiful!

  5. Memories,we liked those knots a lot and that despite the dark parsley. I completly forgot the cheese. Forgot because I have a problem reading all the instructions and did not even see it. One day I might learn...

  6. Beautiful, beautiful knots! Excellant.

  7. Petra, I read the whole recipe a bunch of times till I figured out the cheese was in the ingredients but not in the recipe! They were great without the cheese, though.

    Thanks for all the encouragement, guys!