Monday, March 30, 2015

Springtime Cake for Charity

It all began with the Wilton Course 2, which taught me more skills in making flowers.  We learned to use Royal icing for many kinds of flowers.  Royal icing flowers can be made weeks ahead of when they are needed.

The blooms and blossoms.

Here are some of the roses I made:

And some of the many blossoms.  I loved making the blossoms!

The cake layers, after leveling
I was going to make a simple cake for my final class cake.  It would be decorated for the final class.  However, I was asked if I could donate a cake for a fundraiser for colon cancer awareness.  I asked if my class cake could be used, even though it was before the cake raffle.  They were excited to get my cake, so I made it even more special.  I decided to make a honeybun cake, full of cinnamon flavor.

After icing the cake

After the basketweave and braid border was added.  The basketweave took a very long time, at an odd angle.  I rested my hands after this part!!!
The finished cake.  I knew I'd want to put the blossoms around the basket part.  The blossoms also cover up any basketweave errors, LOL.

They were very happy to receive my cake.  I found it a challenge to get it there without dropping it or having it slide in the box.  My friend, Donna Nave Smith, gave me some great tips about putting non skid drawer material underneath the cake and the box.  Thanks, Donna!

The cake brought in $60 for colon cancer awareness, and was donated back to the office.  A nurse in the office said it tasted "awesome!" 

If you want to find out more about the fundraiser, click here:

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