Thursday, August 25, 2011

Toasted Millet and Fruit Bread

I made a couple of slight changes to this recipe.  White whole wheat was used.  The optional nuts weren't added to the dough; they were rolled into the dough.

I used the letterfold technique, and it gave me nice long loaves.  I made a half batch of the recipe, enough for 2 pounds of dough.  In the center of one, I put almonds.  Walnuts were put in the center of the other loaf, which was going to be a thank you gift for a friend.

I put the corresponding nut on top of each loaf, so I could tell them apart:

My baking stone was used.  It's been in my warming tray for storage too long!  I baked it a bit differently, though, to save my tempermental oven.  The bread steams and forms a crust the first half of baking only.  Therefore, the loaves were baked at the higher temperature.  Halfway through, I changed to 325 degrees convection.  The convection baking moved the hot air around, while giving my oven a break.  The results were wonderful!:

I decided, however, to freeze our loaf for a week.  It was great after being frozen and reheated.  The loaf had a nice texture, but it wasn't crunchy from the millet.  Maybe the freezing softened the millet.  It was a really good bread.  By the time I realized that I hadn't taken a picture of the loaf's inside, this is all that was left:

Our friend loved her bread!  She said she ate half the loaf the first day, it was so wonderful.  She emailed my hubby that "your wife is awesome!"  Wow, what a wonderful complement!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Breakfast Breads

I just made 2 HBin5 breads that would be great for breakfast--Bran Muffin Bread and Oatmeal Date Bread. My hubby and I felt that, although these would be great for breakfast, we wouldn't make a savory sandwich from them.

Here's the dough for the Bran Muffin Bread.  I didn't have enough maple syrup, so I used more molasses.  The dough was pretty thick, and it was probably because the molasses is thicker than maple syrup.

Bran Muffin Bread
We ate this bread up before I took a final picture!  However, I thought it was good enough to sell at the Farmer's Market.  Some loaves were sold, when it was sampled.  However, it's a pretty pricey recipe.  We think we will keep this bread for ourselves!

Next, I made the oatmeal date bread.  Here's a picture of it in the loaf pan.  After seeing a comment by our friend, Guff, at , I decided not to add the optional walnuts.  He said it made it a bit dry.

Oatmeal Date Bread
Here's the finished loaf, which was sprinkled with raw sugar.  We had this for dinner, and it was like eating cake!  The next day, however, the bread firmed up considerably.  We enjoyed it, but didn't "go crazy" for it as we did the night before.

Our group baking member, Nancy, was kind enough to give me her light wheat bread recipe.  A test was made, and we almost ate the whole loaf the first day!  I sold some loaves at the farmer's market. 
Nancy's Light Wheat Bread

The demand for sourdough bread has skyrocketed lately at the Farmer's Market.  I heard the Amish stopped bringing it to the Market.  I've been using sourdough starter in the AB5 Master dough.  Last week, I graduated to 2 larger jars! 

Still, I just about ran out this week!  "Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! "  Do you have any easy methods to share for sourdough?

Thanks so much for visiting.  I loved making these breads.  I hope to be baking our group recipes again soon.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guff's Steel Cut Oatmeal Bread

Our co-baking buddy, Guff, developed a steel cut oatmeal bread.  I had mentioned that  I was looking for a new, lighter multigrain bread.  Recently, I purchased some oat groats at a really good price, and he gave me this recipe.  You can see his fun blog at Old Pop's Blog
Although it wasn't whole groats, it sounded like it would be a good thing to test out at the Farmer's Market.

Here are the mini loaves, after an overnight rise in the fridge.  I think they rose too much, and the edges had to be trimmed with a scissors.  Only a half batch was made the first time. 

One loaf was cut into samples, and the other two loaves sold to happy customers.

The next time, I made 3 small loaves and one larger ( 1 1/2 pound) loaf.  All the loaves sold. 

Here's a picture of the second batch of my smaller loaves baking--sourdough and Guff's Steel Cut Oatmeal bread:

You can tell them apart because of the oats in the dough.  I was really careful of this because of a mixup of 2 whole wheat recipes in the past.

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Bran Muffin Bread

This week's assignment is Bran Muffin Bread.  I've been looking for a somewhat sweet bread to replace Anadama bread for my farmer's market menu.  Anadama bread is a hearty bread, probably enjoyed in the cooler months.  When it got hot, Anadama bread sales plummeted, and lighter breads began selling more.  I was considering a raisin bread, and this seemed to fit the bill.

A half recipe was made.  There wasn't enough maple syrup, so half maple syrup and half molasses was used.

Before rising

An oiled, 7" glass bowl was used as a couche.  The dough roller was used to make rectangles of the dough, which were folded in a letterfold fashion for the mini loaves.

Here are my breads, rising in the "warm" sunroom.

The round loaf was baked on my Silpat.  I placed my Silpat on top of the glass bowl, after rising,  The bowl was then flipped over to put the dough onto the Silpat. 

I like the idea of baking at 350 degrees, with steam.  My meter shows that higher temperatures really use a lot more energy.

The finished loaves.  This is a really good "breakfast bread."  I might use a larger bowl as a couche, for the round loaf.  You can't really tell that the round loaf is 5 ounces heavier!

This bread was sampled at the Farmer's Market yesterday, and people really liked it.  It's like a good raisin- cinnamon bread.  One small loaf was used for samples, the other two loaves sold.  I'm thinking of making a few muffins for use as samples, to save on dough.  The breads sold before half the loaf was sampled!

I'm going to make some changes in the recipe, since maple syrup can be really expensive.  I plan to experiment with combinations of honey, maple syrup, water and molasses.

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